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    Suggestions to improve

    Hello Chary, since I failed that test too, I'm going to create my own ebook with Sigil: it's a free editing software and there are a lot of tutorials on YouTube in English. I'll include grammar and Minoo's exclusive videos in my chapters. For personal use, obviously. It's a different way to study, perfecting your grammar - this is the key to pass the test- and it will help you to remember most of the exceptions she included in the study section. I strongly reccommend you to try it out before buying something else, please believe me, make your own ebook , importing whatever you like, images too. If you don't know HTML code, there's a WYSIWYG interface. I wish you every success in your work
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    Suggestions to improve

    Hello Hari and Maria Teresa, Thank you, Maria Teresa, for sharing your experience with Hari. I fully support Maria Teresa's recommendation, Hari. As I have written the reading tests myself, there's nothing in them that you cannot revise on my online course. I know you have completed the course, but these are the finer or more challenging points that need several revisions to fully master. As Maria Teresa says, there's no point in buying more grammar books, which will repeat exactly the same topics. The most effective way to assimilate grammar (or vocabulary) is by compiling your own notes and examples while you study. That's why the next membership level (Gold) offers the PEN (Personal Electronic Notes) feature. However, the software Maria Teresa has recommended would also do the job perfectly.
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    Suggestions to improve

    Hello Minoo, I have recently submitted reading test, in which I didn't do well. I strongly believe that, even if I revise the grammar lesson again, I may not do well. so, I request you to suggest any book, which can provide reading practice with answers inorder to practice and do well in reading test Regards, Hari Kiran
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    Suggestions to improve

    Hari, Maria Teresa, Serge, I'm sorry if you're being challenged by the reading tests. I know I've made them difficult, but this is the only way I can draw the attention of very advanced students like yourselves to the finer points that allow you to fully master the structures. Thank you for you resilience and determination!
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    Suggestions to improve

    Hello all, I have failed two times in this test and squandered all my tokens and credits Usually I make fatal mistakes not less than several times in a row, just to be sure, but this time I will use Maria's method! Thank you Maria Teresa fot this advice, thank you Chary for this topic and, of course, thank you very much Minoo for creating such a difficult test (it tends to upset me...)
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    Suggestions to improve

    Hello Maria, Thanks a lot for your suggestions. Regards, Hari Kiran
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    iPod application

    Yes, Mr O'Connor's book is definitely a good source. I can also recommend the series produced by the University of British Columbia. Although they teach American English, most of it will be useful for you. Here is their introduction to consonants: https://youtu.be/dfoRdKuPF9I
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    Articles usage

    Hello Hari, You're are certainly not alone in finding articles challenging. They are by far the most difficult determiners to use consistently correctly. I've made a note of your request and will think about how I can help you improve your usage.
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