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    Possessive 's'

    Hello Leonardo, Thank you for your question. To clarify: 1. Yes, we use a possessive 's' for comments made by the colleagues because, in a sense, what is made by someone 'belongs' to them, e.g. Newton's laws. Here the apostrophe comes after the plural 's': ... colleagues' comments. 2. 'movie' is inanimate; therefore it would be better to say: the name of the movie. However, in modern English, this rule is not always followed, so you may also hear 'the movie's name'. I recommend you stick to the rule to be on the safe side.
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    Bernard M

    if you'd like

    Hello, I have seen this expression "if you'd like" several times. This form does not correspond to any conditional. Is this correct or is it totally informal? Have a good day!
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    Thank you a lot Minoo and Butterly55 for your answers! Minoo, I saw where my mistake is. I didn't realise that "is invited" is Present Simple in the Passive Voice and this actually led to my confusion. Butterfly55, I really appreciated your answer too because it helped me to refresh that part of the grammar ;)) And also, I'm from Bulgaria Have a nice day,
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