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    Butterfly 55

    Another bug?

    Okay, I had police constable, Bobby Robert of Scotland Yard in mint. Thanks.
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    Another bug?

    Hello Butterfly55, Your formulation is correct. The problem is your word order: Robert used to be called Bobby.
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    Everybody smile!

    Hello Bernard and Hari, You're both right. When 'everybody' is the subject of a sentence, it definitely takes a singular verb: Everybody smiles when they pose for a photo. (Hari, please note that the 'singular' verb form is with 's': smiles). However, in Bernard's sentence, 'smile' is in the imperative form, which is the same as the base verb. Someone is asking everybody to smile for the photo: Everybody, SMILE (for the photo), please!
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    How I can improve my English spoken skills ?

    Thank you for this question, Muhammad. I know many of you need to improve your speaking skills. To improve your speaking skills, you need to work on: - your pronunciation - your active use of structures - your active range of daily vocabulary and expressions In my experience, the most effective way of improving all three elements I mention above, in one single activity, is listening to and repeating common phrases and sentences out loud on a daily basis, sometimes called the 'imitation' technique. That is precisely why we have voice-recorded every sentence that is included in the Anglo-Pedia Exercises, i.e. roughly 3000 sentences for you to first complete (gap-fill exercises) or type out (Q/A exercises), and then hear and repeat. Remember the key is to repeat these sentences out loud and correctly several times, as if you were rehearsing your lines for a play. Some of us make the mistake of only listening and repeating a semi-correct version of the sentence under our breath once. That does not improve our speaking skills. Obviously, free practice i.e. speaking English with someone regularly is a great bonus, but only if the person you speak to is a teacher or a native speaker who corrects you and gives you feed-back on what you need to improve. If you do not have access to such a person, the next best practice is to listen to a native speaker with a clear accent on subjects that interest you on YouTube, or to watch movies with easy everyday dialogues. I hope many of you follow these recommendations, and see how rapidly your speaking skills improve.
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