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On 1/27/2018 at 10:25 PM, Minoo said:

You're most welcome. I'm confident it will.

Please make sure you read the Study Guide to make the most of your studies.

Instead of study guide ( I thought so ) is it possible? to make one such video that illustrates how to acces & how to use website in order to newcomers understood at a movement by even visually moving from page to page...etc


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I've found Anglo-Link by chance and I'm impressed by the concept: clear Grammar, Pronunciation of each sentence in the exercises, progressive Improvement of the Vocabulary.

I've found the exercises for pronunciation difficult, I suppose a computer isn't really able to evaluate such a complex issue. I had to struggle to get some words!

And a possible improvement could be something for the comprehension of long spoken textes.

Have a good day



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  • Head Tutor

Hello and welcome to the course, Fabio. I'm really glad that you like the content.

Thanks a lot for your recommendations:

1. I fully agree that the pronunciation exercises are challenging. We're continually looking out for improved voice recognition features to integrate. I would recommend that you also try the Daily Challenge 'read & record' exercises. They're slightly easier than the exercises in the pronunciation lessons.

2. That is indeed a good idea, and I will look into it in the future once we have completed our current projects. Once again, you can use the 'listen & write' exercises in the Daily Challenge feature for additional listening practice.  You will also find good listening comprehension activities on all IELTS and TOEFL sites.

Happy studies!


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