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Found 2 results

  1. Hello Minoo ma'am and friends, I am having difficulties to understand perfect simple tences and with since & for because we don't have any perfect tenses in my native language so translation is even very difficult. plaese consider following scenario. I start playing tennis at 8 AM and stopped at 10 AM when friend A visits me. In afternoon Friend B visits me and asks "what I have done today?" which are the correct ones context wise. 1) I have played tennis. 2) I have played tennis for 2 hours. 3) I had played tennis for 2 hours before friend A visited me. 4) I had been playing tennis for 2 hours before friend A visited me. I understand that we can use present perfect with non continuous verbs and some verbs which are used as static by native speakers like Live, Work, Study, Teach etc. but what about dynamic verbs with since & for. for example, when we can say following statements? 1) It has been raining for 2 hours. 2) It has rained for 2 hours. please consider same statements with since. Regards, Viral Patel
  2. viral patel

    which tense is appropriate?

    Hello tutor, I have recently joined this platform and i am very much glad to learn here. I have a question for following scenario. scenario 1 : I am returning from my office. I reach my home. I open the door and instantly notice that someone was in my home in my absence. I want to call my friend and tell what has happened? which tense(s) are appropriate? 1) Somebody had been in my home when i was at office. (past perfect) 2) It looks like somebody has been in my home. 3) somebody has been being in my home. ( present perfect continuous in the case of stopped action/ recently stopped action. and i can see the evidence of the presence) Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
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