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About Conversation Practice Groups on WhatsApp

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  • Head Tutor

Three things are essential for a successful journey towards fluency in English:


1.      Structured and systematic studies: That's what Anglo-Link’s online course offers you.

2.      Ongoing teacher support and guidance: That's Minoo's role via her weekly LIVE lessons and workshops.

3.      Regular conversation practice: That's what the WhatsApp Conversation groups are for:
Here you can connect with people from all over the world and practise speaking English on a regular basis, from once a week to several times a week.  


Membership is open to all GoldSilver, and Bronze members as well as the students on my 'Focused Listening Bootcamp' course.


To join the conversation group, simply message 'Minoo' from your dashboard (or send an email to minoo@anglo-link.com) with:

1.      Your mobile number

2.      The name of the country your number is registered in


The group meets every Sunday at 4 p.m. London time and every Monday at 6 p.m. London time.


You can also reach out to anyone you meet during these weekly sessions and create as many of your own practice sessions as you want.


Whatever your current level, you will find others who will be very happy to become your fellow travellers! 


Click here if you wish to upgrade your membership for access to the:


1.  Online self-study course
2. LIVE lessons and workshops with Minoo
3. WhatsApp CONVERSATION group

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On 25/06/2023 at 14:00, Minoo said:


Good morning,

I'm Emmanuel i need to improve my english. Can you add me in the whatsapp group that is my number.
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  • Head Tutor

Hello and welcome to the Community, Emmanuel!


WhatsApp membership is open to GoldSilver, and Bronze members.


Please Click here to upgrade your membership. I can then add your number to the WhatsApp group.



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  • Minoo changed the title to About Conversation Practice Groups on WhatsApp
  • Head Tutor

Hello Abdallah,


I've added you to the group and sent you some information by email.


I'm looking forward to seeing you in one of our upcoming sessions.



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  • 3 weeks later...

Hello Minoo.  My name is Juan Pedro  from Spain  I would like to join the WhatsApp group if possible. My shifts job doesn't allow me  to join 

with the group always but I will try to do my best and connect as many time as I can. Can I try??

thank you very much in advance.

Juan Pedro

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  • Head Tutor

Hello Juan Pedro,


Certainly! It will be a pleasure to welcome you to the group. Please send me your mobile number.


There are three ways you can give me your mobile number:

1. Share it here in this post.

2. Email it to me at minoo@anglo-link.com.

3. Send me a message on your dashboard: Click on the envelope icon at the top of this page and type 'Minoo' in the box.


I'm looking forward to meeting you soon.


Best wishes,





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  • Head Tutor

Hello and welcome to the course, Nurdan!


I've just added you to the WhatsApp group and look forward to meeting you soon.


Happy studies!



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  • 2 weeks later...

Hello Minoo,

This is Adil, I hope you are fine and doing great. Can you please add me to the WhatsApp group. Thank you so much for your time and consideration.


All the best,


Cell phone number: +1 (210) 974 8302



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  • Head Tutor

Hello Adil,


Thank you for sharing your number. I've added you to the group.


We usually meet on Saturdays and Sundays, but as I'm travelling this weekend, we're meeting on Friday this week. I will send everyone the details on Thursday on WhatsApp.


Happy studies!

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  • Head Tutor

Hello and welcome to the Community, Helmi!


WhatsApp membership is open to GoldSilver, and Bronze members. You need to upgrade your membership for at least 1 month before I can add you to the group. 


Please Click here to see your upgrade options.



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  • Head Tutor
32 minutes ago, Uriel Arana Robles said:

Hi Minoo

My mobile numer is +52 5511979199

Contry: Mexico

Thank you.


Thank you, Uriel. I've just added you to the group. You will receive the details of the the next group chat via WhatsApp tomorrow.


I've also sent you a message on your dashboard, explaining how to book your initial one-to-one session with me. The message also gives you some general tips on how to optimise your studies.


I'm looking forward to meeting you soon for our initial chat.



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