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W.Piumi Darshika Soyza

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hi, im struggling with ' how to use the future tenses ... will do, be going to, be doing... lesson. (elementary)

im always stuck with 5,6, 7 and 8 questions.

can you please help to me.

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  • Head Tutor

Hello Piumi,

Here are the answers to these sentences:

  • What time does it get to Boston?  Present Simple for a timetabled future event
  • I think it lands at 10:30 p.m. Present Simple for a timetabled future event
  • I'm not sure. I think I will spend four days there and then go to New York. Future Simple for a possible future action 
  • What are you going to do in New York? 'going to' Future for a personal plan / intention 

Please let me know if this is clear for you now.



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