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passive sentences

Luca Nicola

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Hello everyone
How are you feeling today?

reference: active / passive section

Question: They'll give the details to her tomorrow.
Your answer: The details will be given to her tomorrow. why is this passive sentence wrong?
the are two ways to express the same sentence. The other should be She will be given the details tomorrow

Question: He doesn't mind people waking him up.
Your answer: He doesn't mind being waked up.

Why the above sentence is wrong? Is it for the verb waked insted of woken? or something else?

Thanks in advance

Best regards,

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Hello Luca,

1. Your answer is also correct, but, if you check the instruction in the test again, it says: If there are two objects, use the person(s) in object position.

This is because I want you to practise putting the person in object position, which is common in English.

2. Yes, the mistake is in the participle: wake - woke - woken.


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