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Luca Nicola


Hello everyone
How are you feeling today?


Despite the author's dissatisfaction with the production, it was a huge success and sale (sellings) of his books rocketed overnight as a result.
The correct answer from the book is sale. Could be selling a correct answer in this case? If not, which is the difference between them?

Thanks in advance

Best regards,


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Hello Minoo
How are you feeling today?

Yesterday I came across a wired situation while I was reading a book.

.. .. 'There is a number of cakes for sale'

Well, which is the correct form: there is or there are a number of cakes for sale?
I know the correct form for there are lots of cakes, but for me it sounds more natural to say: there is a number of cakes for sale.

Is there any general rule to follow?

I'm going slightly crazy today, because I saw another phrase on it:
'there is two dogs' I thought it was a copy mistake, but then I saw again 'there is a cat, two dogs, a cow on that farm' ...
so, what's the matter?

Thanks in advance

Best regards,

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Hello Luca,

Opinions are divided here, and therefore you can choose either form depending on whether you want to put the stress on the group or on each individual constituent:

There is a number of cakes ...

There are a number of cakes ...

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