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be listening to or listen to?

Luca Nicola

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Hello everyone
How are you all doing today?

Well then, I have a couple of questions to share with you.

I came across an interesting article yesterday, and here on is an extract.

Films and television series could be good choices, but don’t get so wrapped up in the stories that you forget to listen to the way the people speak.

So what should you be listening for?

Listen to the way people pronounce different words. If you hear a pronunciation that sounds odd to you, write it in your notebook so you can check it later.

First of all, a grammar question. Why the writer use the preposition for and not to, I mean: So what should you be listening to?

Secondly, why the writer didn't write: So what should you listen to?

Which is the difference? I simply can't grasp it.

Best regards,


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  • Head Tutor

Hello Luca,

You're being asked to listen TO people's pronunciation FOR some information (the specific way they're pronouncing something).

'to be listening' is the Continuous Infinitive form, and is used instead of the Present Infinitive to stress the continuity of the action.

You may want to review the different infinitive forms in this exclusive video.  


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