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Hi there. I've just started to check out how was the course, my first view is that's awesome, concise clear and well structured.

A question for all of you, explanations are clear but the exceptions are enormous, to me to study them by heart is a waste of time, so my view is that you have to read or use them in so many different environments as you can. I mean use them in social events or different situations. How do you do it?.  Where do you find scrips to practice them?

The best for all of you



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Hello Javier,

Thank you very much for your very positive feedback. I'm glad you like the way we've designed the course.

To answer your question:

If the 'exceptions' I mention in each grammar lesson are important in the sense that you must learn and use them, I have made sure to include them in the exercise & test sections so you can practise them, and I have included them in the 'Conversation' lessons as well. These 'exceptions' are always under 'notes'. 

If the 'exceptions' are not important for your active usage, but important for your passive understanding of native speakers, I have mentioned them under 'good to know'.

Therefore, you will find plenty of opportunities to practise everything your need for your active usage in different contexts. Of course, the more you can also expose yourself to correct usage (books, movies, blogs, etc.) the better, but be selective!  You will get better examples of the use of the language in more 'serious' movies than comedies for example. 

Let me know if this answers your question.  

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