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Possessive 's' usage with Pronouns

Daniel Gonzalez


Hi I'm Daniel guys,

One quick question,

I was reviewing the basic lesson about pronouns, but in the explanation the usage of the possessive 's' with pronouns is nowhere to be found.

I was wondering if it's the same.

For people:

John's bicycle, Mary's clothes, etc...

For pronouns?

Examples: The grandfather's house? The customer's choice?

What about animals? could i say: My Dog's toy?


Thanks for your precious time guys!

Have a nice one!


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Hello Daniel,

All your examples (my dog's toy, her grandfather's house, the customer's choice) are correct. However, I'm not sure what you mean by 'pronouns'.

'pronouns' are words like I, me, mine, etc. We can't put a possessive 's' on these. Instead we use possessive adjectives (my, his, her, etc.): my dad's car >> his car.

There is more information on the possessive 's' in the exclusive video Letter 's'.

Let me know if I've cleared up your doubt.

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