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Premium and Premium Plus Membership vs Gold and Silver

Agalar Ragimov

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Good morning,

I started using anglo-link website since July this year. I found its very usefull and started with Premium Membership. I was very happy with all content that you had and I felt that it would be very helpfull to improve my pronouncuation with audio examples. I decided to buy Premium Plus that allow me to listen audio files on the website and practice.

I entered on your website today and  found that the website has been updated. Now it's clean and very userfriendly. However I don't understant, how my puschased Premium Plus Membership can help to unlock content on new website. I found that you have new Membership system such as Gold and Silver. I already purchased Premium Plus and used it less than 3 weeks.

Is there a way to change membership system from previous version of the anglo-link.com to the new version? If not, can you explain me how can I use my Premium Plus Membership on new website?

Thank you in advance

Your faithfully,

Agalar Ragimov

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  • Head Tutor

Hello Agalar,

I'm delighted that you like the new website.

To answer your question:  We no longer sell Premium Plus memberships. However, you still have full  access to the features  that Premium Plus membership offered, i.e.  life-time access to all written exercises and their audio recordings. You will notice that we have added many new topics and exercises, and improved the quality of the voice-recordings as well. Trial members who have joined since the launch of the new website do not have access to the written and audio exercises. So, please rest assured that you have not lost your investment in any way. 

The new features that we have  introduced which you do not have access to are the tests and the exclusive videos. There are two ways you can access these:

  1. Upgrade to Silver membership for £9.99 per month. This will unlock all the tests and exclusive videos for you, and they will remain unlocked as long as you are a Silver member. 
  2. Buy credits in Store, and unlock only the tests and the exclusive videos that you are interested in.

In making your decision as to which option is better for you, remember that you receive 60 free credits per month as a Silver member. In Store, It costs £9.99 to buy 60 credits. Also, remember that you can earn additional free credits by providing good answers to other members' questions in the forums, and by participating in the Daily Challenges. 

I hope I have answered your question. Feel free to ask any further questions you may have about this.

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  • Minoo pinned this topic

Helli Minoo,

Thank you for answer. It is clear to me now.  I noticed that the new website is more organised and filled with many new topics and exercises. It cannot but rejoice.

I would like to explain how that confusion happened that I didn't check topics before.

When I checked topics under the different sections, "lock" icons stopped me to discover the topic. I decided that all topics were close to me. I didn't even tried to click on them. That's why I decided that I don't have accesses to any of them.




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  • Head Tutor

Hello Agalar,

Thank you very much for letting us know where the confusion came from.

I'm glad you've posted this question, which will allow all other Premium and Premium Plus members to know that they still have access as before. To recap:
Premium: All written exercises
Premium Plus: All written exercises and their recording

To access the new features, i.e. tests, trophies & ranks, free credits, exclusive videos, etc. you can upgrade your membership to either Silver or Gold. You can find the details in Store:  https://app.anglo-link.com/store/category/12-purchase-membership/

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