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Next LIVE WORKSHOP with Minoo for GOLD members is on 5th February at 3 p.m. London time. You'll receive the worksheet and the Zoom link a few days before the session.
To receive updates, offers, and INVITATIONS TO LIVE WORKSHOPS, please make sure your NEWSLETTRE notification in SETTINGS is enabled. It also helps if you add minoo@anglo-link.com to your contacts.



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Hello Robledo,

When choosing between 'a' and 'an', think about the sound, not the letter. 

Compare the pronunciation of 'university'  with 'umbrella'. They're not the same, right?

The 'u' in 'university' sounds like a 'y' (phonetic alphabet: /j/). This is not a vowel sound, so: a yo-yo, a young man, a yellow bag , a university.

The 'u' in 'umbrella' is a vowel sound, so: an umbrella. 


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