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Hi there,

I couldn't find that topic so I decided to create a new one. I think it is a good idea that users can write mistakes or errors that they could find on the website under that topic to improve quality of study. Please, correct me if such topic already exist.

What I found is:

Topic Elementary Grammar > Pronouns & Possessives > Exercise > 2.Make sentences with possessive adjectives

Audio for the answer under the number 7. "These photos belong to my friends." is incorrect.


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Hi Tom,

Can you stop/pause a training video while changing sections?

For example, I didn't finish watching a video under the "Study" section and moved to the "Exercise" section but training video was still playing. Is there a way to stop or pause it automaticly while changing sections?



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  • Head Tutor

What you hear as the 's' sound is in fact just a stronger 't' because the 't' of 'what' gets linked to the 't' of time.

You will learn more about this type of phonetic link in the Advanced pronunciation lesson section.

I hope you're enjoying your studies.

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