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    eddy andrianasolo

    Essay writing tips tutorial

    Hello, Thank you for the tips I will try to do that. Eddy
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    Butterfly 55

    Have some questions about Conditional 'if' test.

    Thanks a lot. I’ve studied those structures for a few days, it should come with ease. Kind regards
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    Have some questions about Conditional 'if' test.

    Hello Butterfly, 1. The second conditional is about zero and low probability Present & Future situations. That's why it's perfectly o.k. to use it with words like 'now' and 'tomorrow': If we left the house now (improbable because you are not ready ready), we WOULD get there by noon. 2. Yes, that sentence is correct too. There are many possibilities: will / would / could you ask him ..... & also the imperative: ask him ... 3. That's the idea!
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