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    be listening to or listen to?

    Hello Luca, You're being asked to listen TO people's pronunciation FOR some information (the specific way they're pronouncing something). 'to be listening' is the Continuous Infinitive form, and is used instead of the Present Infinitive to stress the continuity of the action. You may want to review the different infinitive forms in this exclusive video.
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    Butterfly 55

    Another bug?

    Okay, I had police constable, Bobby Robert of Scotland Yard in mint. Thanks.
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    Another bug?

    Hello Butterfly55, Your formulation is correct. The problem is your word order: Robert used to be called Bobby.
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    Everybody smile!

    Hello Bernard and Hari, You're both right. When 'everybody' is the subject of a sentence, it definitely takes a singular verb: Everybody smiles when they pose for a photo. (Hari, please note that the 'singular' verb form is with 's': smiles). However, in Bernard's sentence, 'smile' is in the imperative form, which is the same as the base verb. Someone is asking everybody to smile for the photo: Everybody, SMILE (for the photo), please!
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