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The Subjunctive - Subjunctive Mood

Butterfly 55

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English Grammar - I wish…- Subject + wish + One step back in time / tense back in time.

I am not rich (real)—> I wish I were rich.  (hypothetical)

I didn’t study hard in high school —> I wish I had studied harder.

It will be dry tomorrow. —> I wish it would rain. I wish it would be rainy tomorrow.

Screenshot_2021-04-03 English Grammar – “I wish…” – Subjunctive.png

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I am reading about the subjunctive mood in some grammar books and on the internet.
If someone is missed than one can say. I wish he were here with us today.
If one has a problem than one can say. If only I could solve this problem now.
I’d lost my job. I’d rather you didn’t tell everyone..
 I'd (would) rather you didn't call me at home on my days off.

Some examples from Advanced Oxford Practice Grammar. (page 167 Chapter 13 Noun Clauses)

The nurse says it's crucial that the patient (should) not be disturbed.

The advertisement stipulates / stipulated that the applicant (should) have / have had two years' experience.

The travel agent recommend that we (should) spend a week in Paris.

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