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Time markers - rehears

Butterfly 55

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Hi everyone, One has to know and make onseself accustom to those different time markers.

Tenses: I have been doing & I have done:
How long have you been living (     he    live   ) in this flat?  (another example: How long has it been snowing? (answer:  How long have you    has he lived in this flat.))
Possibly  a wrong wording? XXX  They don't have (not have) a good time at the moment. XXX   They haven’t had a good time at that moment.

Why hasn't she called (she not call) me yesterday morning?  usage:  precise moment in the past: Why didn’t she call me yesterday morning.

How long ago has he posted (he post) the letter?  Past Simple markers: How long ago did he post the letter?

They are talking (talk) for hours.  usage: They have been talking for hours.

I am not feeling (not feel) well lately. formulation : I have not been feeling well lately. ( The action is still in progress or ended a short time ago.)

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