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Video lessons : When can we use ‘being’

Butterfly 55

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Can't find the correct answer :

Question: I can't imagine why she ....('be') so lazy this morning.


I can't imagine why she had been so lazy this morning.  ( - be - as a state verb)

I can't imagine why she was being so lazy this morning. (= I can' imagine why she has shown that behaviour this morning.)

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Hello Butterfly55,

The answer I'm looking for is: I can't imagine why  she is being so lazy this morning. (speaking in the morning)

Your second answer could also be correct if we were speaking in the afternoon / evening, in which case 'this morning' would be a past time marker.

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Thanks. I believe I have  understood, 'this morning' can have two meanings as a present and as a past time marker. Thanks again.


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