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Kaffe-pot-klatsh’s : A word which hold the key to the correct pronunciation of the past simple.

S as in miss: verb —> past simple: missed   BrE / mɪst/ ; NAmE / mɪst/

past simple: washed    BrE / wɒʃt/ ; NAmE / wɑːʃt/ , / wɔːʃt/

past simple: watched  BrE / wɒtʃt/ ; NAmE / wɑːtʃt/

past simple: thanked  BrE / θæŋkt/ ; NAmE / θæŋkt/

past simple: stopped  BrE / stɒpt/ ; NAmE / stɑːpt/

past simple: laughed   BrE / lɑːft/ ; NAmE / læft/

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kaffee·klatsch  noun

, from Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary, 9th edition.

BrE / ˈkæfeɪklætʃ /  NAmE  / ˈkæfeɪklætʃ /  (North American English, derived from Dutch (Belguim) speakers: Koffie-klets ) :  a social event at which people drink coffee.


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