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Have some questions about Conditional 'if' test.

Butterfly 55

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1. 'If we left the house now, we will get (get) there by noon.' No worries,  It has become claire to me.

2. If you (should) talk  to Bob, could you ask him to contact me, please?   Idem. No worries.

                            In Dutch language we would use 'indien' for 'if', and  'zou'  for 'should' when announcing a conditional tense. ' translation: Indien je Bob zou spreken/ spreekt, wil je hem vragen mij te contacteren? '

3.( Mixed conditionals)  If he weren't such a fair person, he would have taken all the credit last week.          Meaning: He had got much help from his team, with whom he shared their victory last week.           


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Hello Butterfly,

1. The second conditional is about zero and low probability Present & Future situations. That's why it's perfectly o.k. to use it with words like 'now' and 'tomorrow': If we left the house now (improbable because you are not ready ready), we WOULD get there by noon.

2. Yes, that sentence is correct too. There are  many possibilities: will / would / could you ask him ..... & also the imperative: ask him ...

3. That's the idea!

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