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Mistake: doesn't match with what is said in video. Second point: strong possibility. It may happen again.

Butterfly 55

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Hello Butterfly55,

I don't quite understand your question.

'It may happen again.' (The example in the video lesson) is an example of point 1. A possibility in the present or future.

Why do you think that it doesn't match?

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Sorry if I did anything wrong. Since your grammar seems so strict, I thought/felt that ‘may’ cannot be used in the same way as ‘might’ as a modal verb of possibility.
 ‘may’ is stronger, and so couldn’t be used in the perfect.

      I had better first looked up those grammar points in a good grammar book which says: ‘Oxford Practise Grammar: Chapter 53, May have, might have and could have’.        These modal are used to say that possibly something happened in the past.
                He may have got lost. (= Perhaps he has got lost)                                                                                     
                You might have left your keys at work. (= Perhaps you left them at work)
                 Someone could have stolen them. (= It is possible that someone stole them.)

Kind Regards.

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