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would for present And future guesse or presumption??

viral patel

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Hello friends,

I am struggling with Model verb "Would" and its uses.

There are many uses of would.

Is it possible to use would for present presumptions or future presumptions? and how different it from "will".

for example 

1) It will rain tomorrow. (future)

2) It would rain tomorrow. (future)

3) The train will arrive by 9.30. (future)

4) The train would arrive by 9.30. (future)

5) She will be his sister. (present)

6) She would be his sister. (present)

So can would be used as may, might, and could for lesser degree of certainty or tentative guess FOR PRESENT AND FUTURE?

If so then how we can differentiate from would that uses in conditional 2.

For example,

1) He would play tennis tomorrow. (tentative guess ?) - not sure grammatically correct or not.

2) He would play tennis tomorrow [if his leg hadn't broken]. - when if clause left out but meaning is understood.

Any help is appreciated.


Viral Patel.






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  • Head Tutor

Hello Viral,

You've asked:

Is it possible to use would for present presumptions or future presumptions? and how different it from "will".

The answer is 'yes', and when used for presumptions, there's only a very slight difference that 'will' is slightly more sure than 'would'. Modal verbs are tricky, because very often, several can be used interchangeably.

You're ordered a taxi. The doorbell rings. You can say:

That must be the taxi. (100% sure)
That will be the taxi. (quite sure)
That would be the taxi. (a bit less sure)
That may / might / could be the taxi. (not sure)


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