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Наталья Мирончик

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Hello Наталья Мирончик, (sorry, this is a link, but I wasn't able to type your name with my keyboard ;) )

In my opinion, when you say "I'll have steak" to the waiter/waitress in a restaurant, this means that you haven't decided yet what kind of steak you would like. I think you could also say: "I'll have a steak".

Then the waiter/waitress is likely to ask you which one you want. Now, your answer would be: "I'll have this one" or "I'll have the rib-eye steak" for instance.

I hope this helps,






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Thank you, Phil! Your answer is really helpful. 

I absolutely agree with you, I've thought the same way.

So, most probably, there is a mistake in the challenge that needs a correction.



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A very good question and a very good answer!

As Phil has suggested, grammatically, 'steak' can be used both as a countable and an uncountable noun:

I'm going to have (a) steak today.

With 'a', you're referring to a piece of meat on your plate. Without 'a', you're referring to the idea of 'steak' in general.

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