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New Daily challenge

Butterfly 55

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Hi everyone, Those new daily challenge are going to be an instant hit, especially when it comes on practising pronunciation.  Didn't recognise the word at first: Procedure  /  pr  e  's i: dz  e  r  / .

 I have been reading 'Emma' by Jane Austen.( www.Macmillan Readers /Ebooks)

Wikipedia says about Emma novel .   Before she began the novel, Austen wrote, "I am going to take a heroine whom no one but myself will much like. In the first sentence, she introduces the title character as "Emma Woodhouse, handsome, clever, and rich.  Emma is spoiled, headstrong, and self-satisfied; she greatly overestimates her own matchmaking abilities; she is blind to the dangers of meddling in other people's lives; and her imagination and perceptions often lead her astray.

(Astray : The story is so complex, a reader might easily go astray - go in the wrong direction.)

On Youtube : BBC adaptation of Jane Austen's novel Emma. EMMA (1972) Episode 1 - Part 1/4 



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Found 'a bug' in today's intermediate test challenge:  I've got the answer correct, but the spelling corrector didn't see.  In the sentence:  I'd liked a quieter room if possible. The 'd' of liked.

Second remark; I am still on a intermediate level.  So, the questions of the test are posted in a rather quick spoken voice. 

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Hello Butterfly55,

I've just checked the sentence, and it looks correct to me: I'd like a quieter room. Did you see the word 'liked' in the correct answer?

Yes, the recordings are slightly faster than the recordings of the lessons, requiring you to perhaps listen a few times. This should help you improve your comprehension of faster accents.

I hope you're enjoying the exercises!

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Thanks for replay. Can't remember what exactly when wrong, but your findings seems correct.

Nowadays, I'm working on those videos of 'Emma' by Jane Austen - typical girl's novel , and making notes in order to sort out what that story of the village of Highbury actually was, or behold.

On YouTube : BBC adaptation of Jane Austen's novel Emma. EMMA (1972) Episode 1 - Part 1/4 

  'Emma' by Jane Austen, intermediate level - www.Macmillan Readers /Ebooks.

Kind regards

PS: I've got Google translations and Oxford Dictionary to help with my sentences.

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  • Head Tutor

Thank you, Butterfly55, for sharing the material you're using to improve your English.

I think Google Translate is a great tool, but make sure that you also create your own sentences directly in English. Otherwise, you may fall into (or stay stuck with) the habit of thinking in your own language and translating into English. This is something to be avoided if your goal is written and spoken fluency.

Happy continuation! 

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