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Test results - Indirect speech: questions. Indirect reported questions.

Butterfly 55

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Apparently I ‘m still struggling with the necessary changes to tenses and words.

1. Q: He asked, ‘How much did I get paid last month?’
My answer: He asked how much he got paid the month before.

2. She enquired,’Was he hired two days ago?’
My answer: She enquired if he had been hired two days before.

Suggestion: She enquired whether…he had been hired two days before.

3. What does this phrase mean?
 My answer: May I ask what that phrase means?

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1. He asked how much he had got paid the previous month.

2. She enquired if he had been hired two days before.

3. May I ask what this phrase means?

I believe second answer is right!


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Hi,Thanks for the comment.

We have reached July and wanted to finish off that advanced grammar section.
1.     One has really stick with what is said about time changes.
2.    The moment I was writing that sentence I did realise that ‘enquired’ is a formal form of ‘ask’, so it goes with the connecting word ‘Whether’.
3.    Polite question with question mark.

Just a few sentence for fun.  Standing at the entrance of a Court Yard, looking for a lawyer on could ask oneself, ‘Who should I talk to?’  Although, after being approached  one may let know that one was wondering who you should talk to.

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  • Head Tutor

Hello Butterfly 55 and Hari,

I'm glad Hari has provided the correct answers for 1 & 3, and you know straight away, Butterfly55, what rule you had to apply to get the answer right.

As for number 2, your answer with 'if' is also correct. 'whether' just sounds better.

Enjoy the next part of your studies!

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