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Passive Voice - First attempt to resolve.

Butterfly 55

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Hi, I have used ‘Page’s program-application’  spelling corrector.
Mistakes (4)
Question: Someone left this message for me last night.    Your answer: I was left this message last night.           Correction: This message was left for me last night. ( If we begin the sentence with the object that the action is performing on, than we formulate a Passive Sentence.)
Question: The authorities are levying a new tax.                 Your answer: A new tax has being leved.                       Correction: A new tax was being levied
Question: They were restructuring the firm at the time.(Past Continuous)    Your answer: The firm has been restructured at the time. Correction: The firm was being restructured at the time. (Passive Past Continuous)
Question: The Union has called off the strike.                      Your answer: The strick has been called off.                  Correction: The strike has been called off.
Mistakes (5)
Question: An editor is going to edit this article.                       Your answer: This articleis going to be edited.            Correction: This article is going to be edited.
Question: Someone will have to look at all the possibilities. Your answer: All the possibilities have to be looked at by someone. Correction: All the possibilities have to be looked at.
Question: They should scrap this legislation.                           Your answer: This legislation should be scrapt.           Correction: This legislation should be scrapped.
Question: The mechanic used to service my car once a year. Your answer: My car used to be seviced once a year. Correction:My car used to be serviced once a year
Question: She doesn't like people shouting at her.                 Your answer: She doesn't like to be shouted.              Correction: She doesn't like to be shouted at.
Mistakes (6)
Question: They have not submitted the proposal yet.( Present Perfect Your answer: The proposal hasn't be submitted yet.  Correction: The proposal hasn't been submitted yet.
Question: No-one is going to tidy up these rooms.                 Your answer: These rooms aren't going to be tidying up.  Correction: These rooms aren't going to be tidy up.
Question: How often do they hold this meeting?                    Your answer: How often was this meeting hold ?                Correction: How often this meeting is held.
Question: What are they debating on this programme?        Your answer: What is on this programme debated?            Correction: What is debated on this programme?
Question: How much time have they spent on this discussion? Your answer: How much time was this discussion spent on ? Correction: How much time has been spent on this discussion.
Question: Nobody could have heard that noise.                     Your answer: The noise couldn't be heard.                                    Correction: The noise couldn't have been heard.
Mistakes (2)
Question: Sally's boss has offered Sally a promotion.            Your answer: Sally is offered a promotion.                        Correction: Sally has been offered a promotion.
Question: They used to vaccinate babies against this.           Your answer: Babies were used to vaccinateagainst this.  Correction: Babies used to be vaccinated against this.

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On 4/30/2019 at 9:41 PM, Butterfly 55 said:

Correction: A new tax was being levied

It should have been like this:

"A new tax is being levied"

The original tense is present continuous "The authorities are levying a new tax." 

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Hi Ghumro,   A year has already passed, and I can agree with the corrections I’ve made at the time. Except for the one you mentioned.  The spelling corrector from Apple’s Page programme has been a great aid and still is.

Levy as a noun ( Oxford Advanced Learn's Dictionary)
BrE / ‘levi /
NAmE / ˈlevi/
(pl. levies) levy (on something) an extra amount of money that has to be paid, especially as a tax to the government

to put/ impose a levy on oil imports

Nonetheless, the outlook for carbon taxes looks bright: 88 nations, representing more than half of global emissions, say they are or will uses carbon pricing to tackle climate change. Furthermore, some states have suggested they would impose carbon border levies on imported goods from nations that do not tax carbon.


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