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Hi Ventsislava.  Don’t worried too much about it, just follow the instruction given in the lesson/ module ‘ All tenses’.

My suggestion:  We know from past events/ occasions that… he has never showed up on time to any events he’s/ he is invited to.

Present perfect: (form: I have done). 1. Action completed until now without a past time frame.

2. The following expressions require this tense.  so far, already, not yet, recently, just…never.

3. We are rather speaking about his attitude than…when he will arrive.  


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  • Head Tutor

Hello Ventsislava 

As Butterfly has suggested,it's not the verb that's wrong, but the tense.

Butterfly55 has suggested the Present Perfect, but I would suggest the Present Simple here:

He never shows up / turns up on time to any event he is invited to.   This is because 'is invited' is Present Simple in the Passive Voice, and therefore refers to a general fact about him.

To use the Present Perfect, we should change the other verb as well:

He has never shown up / turned up on time to any event he has been  invited to. (until today)

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Miss Minoo,  thanks a lot. I am quite reasonable when it comes to  answers other peoples  questions, will not happen again. I do appreciate you grammar course a lot.

The passive voice sounds much better, so to Mr Veni from Bratislava. The correct answers is ‘He never shows up/ turns up on time to any event he is invited to.’

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  • Head Tutor

Hello Butterfly55,

I'm very glad you answered Veni!  You must always feel free to suggest an answer. I always check the answers submitted by other students. That way both of you can learn and improve.

I'm glad you're enjoying the course, and thank you for your active participation. 

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Thank you a lot Minoo and Butterly55 for your answers! 

Minoo, I saw where my mistake is. I didn't realise that "is invited" is Present Simple in the Passive Voice and this actually led to my confusion. 

Butterfly55, I really appreciated your answer too because it helped me to refresh that part of the grammar ;)) And also, I'm from Bulgaria :D 

Have a nice day,

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