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Exclusive Video Vote  

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  • Management

Thank you to everyone who voted in last month's poll. Here is the list of options for the month of January.

Vote on the topic you would like to see as our next exclusive video.

Also, let us know which other topics you are interested in by replying below.

You can choose topics related to:


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  • 4 weeks later...

Hello Anglolink team,

I would like to know one thing regarding selection of upcoming video lesson.

Why 'when can we use being' was not selected as an upcoming exclusive video lesson despite having the highest voting percentage? 

I can see  'pronunciation of Letter e' in the exclusive video section.

Thanks and regards,

Hari Kiran 

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  • Head Tutor

Hello Hari,

I choose the next exclusive video to publish based on three factors:

1. Members' votes
2. What I feel many students need additional help with
3. Balance between elementary, intermediate, and advanced topics

So, the reasons why I chose the 'pronunciation of letter e' are:

1. A few members voted for this in previous months when it was among the choices.
2. I find many students are unsure how to pronounce 'e' and 'ea', and for good reason: they can be pronounced is many different ways.
3. The last two videos were both related to advanced topics in the course. So, it was time for either an elementary or an intermediate topic. 

Although it's time for an elementary topic next, given the number of votes for the 'being' topic, I may have that published next.

Thank you for your continued participation in the forums, and all the best,


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