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Hi dear Minoo


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Hi. This is Numan, from Turkey. I am new here and I use trial version. I have just listened the lesson about Subjunctive and I've noticed that I need extra explanation, extra examples. I have also downloaded the exercise file and I see that the file is very short and it doesn't contain sufficient examples. If I become a permanent member, then will I see extra grammar videos, examples? Or all that I see is this? And of couse I want to add that Minoo is very very very good teacher. I've really respected her so much.

Thanks in advance.

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Hello Numan,

Thank you for your kind comment. I'm glad you like my way of teaching.

The extra feature that you get as a paying member is the testing & feedback system. The tests include more examples and as you work through them, you will learn which areas of the lesson you have already assimilated and which areas still need revision, and you will be guided back to these sections. That's where the real learning and assimilation happens.

There are also additional video lessons on more challenging topics, and I periodically add more lessons to this section. You can see what topics I have already covered in 'Exclusive videos'. To access these videos, you need to be a Silver or a Gold member.

Let me know if this has answered your question.

Best wishes,

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