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Grammar challenge 3


Find the correct sentence.  

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Hey everyone, Looking at Oxford Practice Grammar, Unit 103 on p. 242, has learned me that :

 1. anyone means ‘it doesn’t matter who’ or ‘anywhere : it doesn’t matter where.’ and so on with
  anybody; anything.
2. And is used with a singular verb…Has anyone seen today’s newspaper?  Has anyone brought their laptop with them?


It’s a very simple puzzle. Anyone could solve it.    This folder could be found (anywhere) at any info-stand.

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Thank you everyone for participating in this challenge, which was slightly trickier than the previous two.

The first point, as Butterfly55 has explained, is that 'anyone' is used with a singular verb.

The trickier point is that if you need a pronoun or a possessive adjective to accompany 'anyone', 'everyone', etc., you should either use his/her & him/her, which is heavy, or use the 'genderless they'. So, the correct answer is:

Has anyone brought their laptop with them?

Well done if you got it right, but don't worry if you didn't. The purpose of the challenge is to make you aware of these tricky points.

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