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Listening stories

Abdulla Masood

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I think, listening to stories reinforce our usage of words or phrases.

Firstly, by searching for unknown words it would increase our vocabulary.

Secondly, by observing the phrases we can understand the grammar part provided we have basic Grammer skills.

Finally, listening and speaking skills can be improved  with no second thought.

On the whole, we can definitely increase our communication skills through stories as long as we continually improve ourselves.

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Yes, Hari is right. Listening to stories is very useful in improving your listening and speaking skills.

Depending on how you like to study, you can:

a) Just listen to stories that you like for fun. You can do this anywhere anytime. This mainly improves your listening skills and your pronunciation. It also keeps the vocabulary you can already use active.

b) Use the stories for transcription exercises. This of course means you need to a) also have the written version of the same story, and b) sit at your computer and work with a small section of the story each time.  This exercise has a higher impact on your listening comprehension skills and your pronunciation, and it also improves your use of grammar and expands your vocabulary range.

In my opinion, if you can, you should do both: Sometimes just listen to stories for fun, and sometimes use them for transcription exercises. 

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