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That doesn't bother me in the least.


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This is an expression you can use to say that something does not affect you negatively:

The fact that he keeps failing his tests doesn't bother me in the least.

The synonym I'm looking for is:

The fact that he keeps failing his tests is no ...................... off my ..............................


ANSWER: It's no skin off my nose / back.

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My congratulations Phil! I'm sure you won again! Of course, I knew the right answer, no doubts, trust me, believe me, I never brag, well... I was simply late. ^_^ All I have left is to keep my nose to the grindstone. :D By the way, "no skin off my teeth" is an option too, and I think it makes sense because my skin from my nose or my back has a value and teeth have no skin at all.

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Hello Phil and Serge,

Yes, Phil got it right, but you also get credits, Serge, for adding the third option with 'teeth'.

And now that you've mentioned 'teeth', let's add the expression 'to escape by the skin of one's teeth'. What does this mean?

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Привет, Сергей, hello Minoo,

I'm sure, Sergey that you knew the right answer, and I knew as well that I had to respond quickly ;)

I had seen that "teeth" option too, but it sound a bit weird ... 

As to the expression  you gave us Minoo, it means (thanks Google): "narrowly", "barely", so a narrow escape from  disaster. 

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