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Nabil Mahmoud

i do not know what the problems

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Nabil Mahmoud
Use 'will' to formulate the negative and question forms: We won't be running. - Will she be teaching?

Mistakes (1)

  • We will not be traveling (not travel) to Italy this year.   i did my test  future continue   i did what they taught me  put the sentence in negative 
  • we will not be traveling ti Italy this year   and this what i did put it keeps put the answer as wrong answer
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Hello Nabil,

I think I know what the problem is: Your tense is correct, but you have spelt 'traveling' the American way. In British English, it's 'travelling' (double l).

I will ask the administrator to accept the American spelling as well so the system marks your answer as correct. This will be done tomorrow. In the meantime, you can take the test again and  use the British spelling.

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