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Thank you for answering Sasha, Phil. Indeed, you have recommended the best way to learn the pronunciation of 'pronunciation' :)

Many people make the mistake of saying it the same way as the verb 'pronounce', not realising that the 'ou' (as in 'our') in the verb has changed to 'u' (as in 'fun') in the noun.

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  • Head Tutor

Hello Eimar,

I need a little more information to be able to advise you:

1. What is your overall level? elementary, intermediate, or advanced?
2. What is the exact problem with your pronunciation: Are you unsure how to pronounce certain words? or are your listeners  finding you difficult to understand? or both?

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HI Minoo,

I think my overall level is more than elementary but is not intermediate. I have both problem for pronunciation. My speaking skill is not also quite well.

I am  scared more and more  to speak when people don't understand what I said.

Can you give me some advice ?



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  • Head Tutor

Hello Ei Mar,

When people find it difficult to understand us, it is usually because we are a) dropping sounds, b) mispronouncing sounds. Until I can hear you speak to give you specific advice, I recommend the following:

1. Repeat the last three lessons in the Elementary pronunciation section several times. These will help you in case you are dropping 'end' sounds (t, d, id, s, z, iz).

2. Work systematically through the four Intermediate pronunciation lessons. This will give you a complete review of all the sounds that exist in English, and will show you which sounds you have difficulty with.

3. When you have revised all the sounds, then use the sentences in the Elementary and Intermediate Conversation lessons to practise repeating sentences out loud  As you repeat, you can record yourself on your mobile phone and listen to yourself. Compare your pronunciation with the teacher's. This will help you to gradually correct any sound that you are mispronouncing.

4. After you feel you have done all you can  on your own, book a session with me or another teacher, and get feedback on your pronunciation to find out which areas you still need to work on.

I hope this is helpful to you. I'm sure you can improve your pronunciation if you work on it systematically. Just be patient; it can take a little time.

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Hello,  I’ve learned English for long time but still the words don’t come out and can’t get the words.  My husband is English and he used to teach English at some universities but his skill didn’t work to me.  I preferred to study by myself with YouTube, online or apps. I tried a lot.  Sometimes I took level check tests at several websites or apps..  All the results were ‘intermediate ‘  except at Anglo-link.  I’m so glad that I finally found  the right one.   So I’ve delightedly started from beginner. 

Here is the question, I passed the regular verbs pronunciation test but haven’t got third trophies yet.  I tried 5 times ,but  there were always 1 or 3 wrong answers in the group 2.  

Those words sound to me ‘mopped’ , ‘joked’ and  ‘marked’.

I assume  joked  >   jogged  and marked >  mugged , but even for guessing, I can’t get the sound ‘mopped ‘.

Could you tell me what the teacher said? 

Thank you very much.

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  • Head Tutor


Firstly, I'm very glad that you have chosen my course to improve your English after having tried many, and that you're enjoying it. 

I believe the verb you're hearing as 'mopped' is 'robbed'. 

When you reach the next level (Intermediate), you will work systematically on distinguishing 'voiced' (g, b, etc.) and 'unvoiced' (k, p, etc.) consonant sounds. At the moment, you are not distinguishing between these pairs.

I recommend you continue with your studies and not worry about getting three trophies at the moment.   After you have finished the Intermediate Pronunciation lessons, come back to the 'regular verbs' lesson . You will be able to hear the sounds more easily, and I'm sure you will be able to get your three trophies then.

Happy studies!


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