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Well I never!


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  • Head Tutor

This is a slightly old-fashioned and strange expression that expresses surprise:

A: My uncle has eight children!
B: Well I never! That's so unusual in this day and age.

There's another strange expression that expresses surprise. See if you can find it:

B: You   .....................    ....................! That's so unusual in this day and age. 


ANSWER: You don't say!

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Hello Minoo,

I think it could be this expression: "You don't say!"

Or that one which is often heard in films or in spoken English: "You're kidding." (You must be kidding)

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  • Head Tutor

Hello Phil and Sergey,

Although Phil's is the expression I was looking for, I do like Sergey's as well, so you both earn credits.

Thank you for being such good sports!

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I'm sitting all alone now, wondering about that promised credits....Minoo didn't promise me anything but she gave me that 5 credits just for my participation in this test (God bless this kind woman). But Phil, also known as Phil73, promised me one of his credits and one hundred dollars in cash if he wins. He did it, he won, but where is my profit? Sometimes I get ahead of myself, maybe everything will be fair? :rolleyes:

(Don't bother, Phil, I'm just kidding, I've nothing to do, do you know this?) 

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Hello Sergey, (also known as "Serg59" or "The Old Man and the Boat"),

It's weird, but I don't remember that promise of a hundred dollars :P

As to the credits, why would you need them? You have reached the Fluent Rank already, close to the Sun (So, you have nothing to do of course :lol: )

Now I must leave you and go to work on my English because I'm far from fluency ^_^ (I must confess that, from time to time, I need to "Googlize" your sentences to understand them ...)






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