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Boukhadra Mohamed Amine

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Firstly,I have  spent 5 Coin to unlock the lesson .

But ,suddenly the windows in my PC are shutting down.

And when I restored the windows ,in my surprise I found the lesson are locking again .Therefore to open it again ,I've spent 5 coins once again.

So .I think you should resolve this problem in your platform.

Thank you.

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I have taken a look and I see that you have spent 25 credits so far and that you have 5 modules unlocked with your account. So, this adds up.

The modules you have unlocked are:

Elementary > Tenses: I do or I am doing
Intermediate > Adjectives & Adverbs
Intermediate > Comparative & superlative adjectives & adverbs
Intermediate > Quantifiers
Intermediate > Tenses: I am doing or I have been doing?

Did you get confused between the elementary and the intermediate tenses?

"Elementary > Tenses: I do or I am doing"
"Intermediate > Tenses: I am doing or I have been doing?"

If that is not the case let me know and I will investigate further.

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