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A slip of the pen?

Wally Berson

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Hallo administrator,

is there a slip of the pen?

I fear I'm a pipsqueak, but just when I looked on the Dashboard, in the column PROGRESS ,  below is written TOTAL TROHPIES.

I hope my note is without  that.

With best regards.


By the way:   Writing this note, most but not all words are red underlined. I know that from WINWORD as result of an orthography error.
But what does it mean this Website?



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  • Management

Hi Wally,

Yes, that was indeed a typo. I've corrected it.

Thank you for your feedback. 

The red underline is usually a spell checker from your web browser. It could be that your browser is not set to English. Therefore, it thinks you are making spelling mistakes.

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