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Hello to who is reading my message now. I have some issues with singular and plural, countable and uncountable things. 
1. Fruits or fruit. Vegetable or vegetables? I mean how is correct: "this soup is made of vegetable or vegetables". Is made of cabbage or cabbages"?

2. Has word "heaven" plural form?

3. Where can I read about usage ''Ain't"? (I ain't no saint; ain't misbehaving, ain't bothering anybody, etc)

Thanks in advance, sorry if my questions look illiterate.

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Hello Sergey,

1. 'fruit' and 'cabbage' are uncountable when they refer to the group a whole, and countable if you want to single a specific one out.  'vegetable' is a countable noun. 

This soup is made with cabbage.  / I bought two cabbages yesterday.

Fruit is good for you. / These are my two favourite fruits.

Vegetables are good for you. / This soup is made with vegetables.

2. Yes, the word 'heavens' exists in a few expressions: Good heavens! (expression of surprise)  Thank heavens! (Thank God).

3. 'ain't' is the colloquial equivalent of 'am not', 'isn't', and 'aren't'. 

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