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"Concerned to" or "Concerned with"


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Hi there, what is right "Concerned to" or "Concerned with". Whichever is right , how can we use it in a sentence?

"I have maintained all area concerned to the Air Handling Unit-1" . Is this right sentence?

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concerned to - to consider as important to (do something) 

  • She was concerned to show that she could do the job.
  • concerned with - 
  • 1interested in - She was more concerned with flirting than with getting the job done.
  • 2having to do with: about The memo is chiefly concerned with hiring policies.
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Hello Satratey and Myr,

I agree with Myr about the definitions.

There is also concerned about which means to be worried about something. Or concerned by  with the same meaning.

As for the sentence "I have maintained all area concerned to the Air Handling Unit-1", I may be wrong of course, but I'm wondering if the adjective concerned shouldn't be placed before the word area. 

But I may misunderstood the meaning of this sentence...

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  • Head Tutor

Thank you, Myr and Phil, for your answers. Between the two of you, you have covered the different meanings and uses of 'concerned'.

I wonder, however, if what Satratey wants to say would not be better expressed by using 'related to' or 'relating to':

I have maintained all areas related / relating to Air Handling Unit-1.



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