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No pain no gain

Alexander Pharoas

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I am a new learner of English and I love this educator a lot 
Mrs.Minno you're the best ever English teacher.
I've got an idea,
what about making some time to read a news piece every day ? 
Reading online newspapers is a good way to increase our vocabulary and be familiar with what's going on in the world 
I will be sharing vocabulary I am learning on daily basis from reading a newspaper

Here we go 

Gutted >>>>means upset or distraught 

tubby >>>means fat 

armored cars >>>bulletproof cars 

That's what I learnt today 

Thanks for your attention 


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  • Head Tutor

Hello and welcome to the platform, Alexander.

Thank you both for your very kind words, and for your good suggestion. Indeed, reading the news daily, or reading blog posts on subjects that interest you, is a great idea to increase your vocabulary range.

One thing I would recommend in addition is to make sure you look up the pronunciation of the new words in an online dictionary and learn the correct pronunciation immediately.

I am going to move this post to the 'Vocabulary Building' Forum, and make your expression 'no pain, no gain' today's expression as it's a good one for everyone to learn.

Thank you for your contribution, and I look forward to seeing your future posts. 

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