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Is Present Simple Tense can be used to indicate future ?

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Hello Mehboobleo,

Yes indeed. The Present Simple is sometimes used to talk about the future when we talk about scheduled events, timetables, calendars, and so on. 

Exemples:  "My train leaves at 08:00 pm"; "; "The restaurant opens at 07:30 tonight"; "The plane arrives at 06:00 pm tomorrow".

Those verbs are often used with to refer to scheduled events: begin, start, finish, arrive, leave, end, ...

I hope my answer helps you

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I don't know if the question is well strutured. does it need the verb to be in the begginig? 

"Is" Present Simple Tense can be used to indicate future ?

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Good question! Overusing 'be' in questions is a very common mistake.

As the sentence includes the modal verb 'can', the question must be formulated with 'can': Can Present Simple be used ...?

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The present simple can be used to talk about talk about scheduled future events. These are events that happen according to a schedule or timetable. They are usually scheduled by someone else and they are usually public events.

Tomorrow is Friday.

I fly to Paris next week.

The plane departs at 8 p.m.

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