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How I can improve my English spoken skills ?


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Thank you for this question, Muhammad. I know many of you need to improve your speaking skills.

To improve your speaking skills, you need to work on:
-  your pronunciation
-  your active use of structures
-  your active range of daily vocabulary and expressions

In my experience, the most effective way of improving all three elements I mention above, in one single activity, is listening to and repeating common phrases and sentences out loud on a daily basis, sometimes called the 'imitation' technique. That is precisely why we have voice-recorded every sentence that is included in the Anglo-Pedia Exercises, i.e. roughly 3000 sentences for you to first complete (gap-fill exercises) or type out (Q/A exercises), and then hear and repeat.  

Remember the key is to repeat these sentences out loud and correctly several times, as if you were rehearsing your lines for a play. Some of us make the mistake of only listening and repeating a semi-correct version of the sentence under our breath once. That does not improve our speaking skills. 

Obviously, free practice i.e. speaking English with someone regularly is a great bonus, but only if the person you speak to is a teacher or a native speaker who corrects you and gives you feed-back on what you need to improve. If you do not have access to such a person, the next best practice is to listen to a native speaker with a clear accent on subjects that interest you on YouTube, or to watch movies with easy everyday dialogues.

I hope many of you follow these recommendations, and see how rapidly your speaking skills improve.

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Thank you for supporting my recommendation, Javier.

The fact that you've personally experienced the efficiency of this approach will be very helpful to others looking for an effective method to become fluent in spoken English.

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