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English writing


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  • Head Tutor

I agree with Jaafar that it's important to practise writing as much as possible to improve it. And, I would add two things:

1. Find and read good examples of the type of writing you need to improve, e.g. blog posts, short stories. letters. Copy their style when you write.

2. Improve your grammar. Correct grammar is important to convey your message clearly.

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  • Minoo pinned this topic

Yes I agree with Minoo that it is very important to practise in order to be good at that. You can start by reading simple interesting things which match your taste. With the passage of time , then you can read more difficult material.

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  • Head Tutor

Yes, you can  book a 30-minute lesson (175 credits) for this. 

I will then send you a topic to write a 250-word essay on, which I will correct and send back to you with recommendations on what you need to do to improve. This will include comments on your writing techniques as well as areas of grammar that you need to revise.


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  • Head Tutor

This is how you can book a 30-minute session:

1. Go to STORE and buy 200 credits. These will appear in your dashboard (top right next to your profile). 

2. Go to LIVE LESSONS and book any free 30-minute slot. 175 credits will be deducted form your total credits, leaving 25 credits in your account.

3. You will then receive an e-mail from me with your essay topic.

4. I will send you the corrections and recommendations on what you need to improve within 48 hours of receiving your essay.

5. With the remaining 25 credits, you will be able to unlock the main Grammar topics that you need to study following my recommendations.

Let me know if this is clear.


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Hi Minoo,

 I have very difficult to write  I cannot understand where i am failing in my writing.  Someone recently  told me that I do the same mistake each time. Could you please help me? 

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  • Head Tutor

The only way I can help is by seeing a piece of writing form you. 

I'd recommend you go to the 'Fluent' section, and submit a writing test. You do need to buy some credits to be able to do this. 

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